WTF?!?!...as the kids say.

So...as the news sets in that Kevin Sousa is walking away from the Red Room, I'm left completely disillusioned and a whole bunch of depressed. I knew the risks when I got involved and I guess the excitement for kevin and the thought of turning the city on it's preverbal ear got the best of me. Maybe if I hadn't been blinded by the light, I wouldn't be wrapped up like a douche...Instantly I feel like I'm 8 years old again. I've just been told my parents are splitting up. Does this mean I get to visit Sousa on the weekends in his swinging bachelor condo?!?!?! I can't say I didn't see it coming. I think we all knew it wasn't working the way it needed to (not the fault of Kevin by the way)...it just wasn't the right deal. I feel terrible for Sous, but know he'll come back bigger and badder...thats just what he does. As for me who knows...maybe the bat phone will ring soon... 


landlords most hated...

yeah...I'm that dude. I'm the guy that landlords hate...I don't cause any trouble, but I also don't always manage to make my rent on time. My electric has been shut off & I come home to it back on...thanks to a landlord that probably wants to punch me in the nads...invasion of privacy, only if you forget the fact that your a deadbeat...I don't want to be a scumbag any more, but I'm not so stable that I'm reliable...it's a catch 22, I guess. All I can hope for is that the future holds better things...fuck, I wish I could just be a grown up...I'm a work in progress...


A little of the old familiar...

Took a trek down to the old 31st Street Pub tonight to see the one and only Bob Log III...fucking great show...It was nice to hang out at the pub again...it's been a while. I almost pussed out after work, but I'm glad I made it down (pretty much in time to catch Bob)...He was up to the usual antics...playing songs with girls on each knee and of course...BOOB SCOTCH! Thanks to Tall-ass Randy for snappin' a couple 'o pix from the birds eye view!


I hate you...

Thats right...I hate you. Just know who you are, and know this...I fucking hate you...


Yinz are real mexicans?!

I've discovered whats lacking in the Pittsburgh dining bag 'o tricks...Mexican, I mean real mexican food. We have tex-mex and all the boring chains, but not a lot of good mexican food. I'm pretty easy to please. It's not as if I was raised on mexican food...hell I've never been to Mexico, but I'd like to think I still know when shit tastes good! I lived on the Southside for a long time. I watched my once beloved Taco Loco fall by the wayside. When they opened, they had like four things on the menu (including delicious tongue tacos!!!!)It was dirt cheap, and the owners were super nice. I guess the taco bell/MadMex crowd wasn't ready...it's a shame. Hazel and I ate at VeraCruz in Oakland yesterday...I'd eaten there before & when it was called something else before that. It's good, it's cheap, and whats more they had my favorite dish Chile Rellenos. It's the simplest thing ever, but super tasty! I make them at home from time to time, but can't seem to recreate the flavor exactly. I hope they keep introducing new items and get away from the boring, the chi-chi's loving assholes of the city. Expand yer horizons, fuckers!!!

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