WTF?!?!...as the kids say.

So...as the news sets in that Kevin Sousa is walking away from the Red Room, I'm left completely disillusioned and a whole bunch of depressed. I knew the risks when I got involved and I guess the excitement for kevin and the thought of turning the city on it's preverbal ear got the best of me. Maybe if I hadn't been blinded by the light, I wouldn't be wrapped up like a douche...Instantly I feel like I'm 8 years old again. I've just been told my parents are splitting up. Does this mean I get to visit Sousa on the weekends in his swinging bachelor condo?!?!?! I can't say I didn't see it coming. I think we all knew it wasn't working the way it needed to (not the fault of Kevin by the way)...it just wasn't the right deal. I feel terrible for Sous, but know he'll come back bigger and badder...thats just what he does. As for me who knows...maybe the bat phone will ring soon... 

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