"MLK Sled Ride Extreme-o..."

What to do with a day off when you live near a decent snow covered hill?!? Bust out the sleds, trash can lids, shovels, and shitty beer (not mine, I swear!), head on down to the "slopes" and bomb some hills. While I'll admit to getting pretty janked up early and really felling my age, after I was sufficiently cold and wet, I had my snow legs and was ready for some old school stupidity. The day was prompted by a call from the Sous telling me to get on down to the hill. I figured Hazel could do with some 'Fia time and we could test out those $4 snow pants that we scored at the Goodwill...It's interesting to see that sled technology has not strayed far from the old familiar and honestly the old school disk is the way to go. You can get some speed and theres always the unpredictable spin due to it being circular in nature. There were some pretty good collisions, some pretty sweet jumps, and I got stoked on feeling like a kid again for a minute. Not feeling so young today, however, as I'm all around sore and beat up. Hopefully I be ok for another trip soon before the snow melts...

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