"We like talking and not talking. We could talk or not talk for hours..."

As of late I seem to have less and less to say (luckily no one's reading this fucking thing anyway)...I heard recently that it's a proven fact it only takes two weeks of repeating the same action for it to become habit. That makes sense, and I've certainly made this getting lazy thing stick. Not being happy with certain aspects of life is normal, but when everything is taking a piss on you at once it's a motherfucker. I'm desperatly looking forward to the change of jobs...though it's some time off. When I think about it the creative juices begin to flow again...I've been hittin' the books more lately and trying to find inspiration there, as I have none in my current cooking endeavor. I've resolved to try and overcome the negatives that have overtaken my attitude in the past couple of months (my apologies, friends if I've been a real moody piece of shit.) look for the good shit thats going on and quit fucking crying about work...which brings me back to my point. I haven't spent a lot of time writing because I got nothin' good to say. So bear with me...I'm working on making this page interesting finally. 


Timmy Mac said...

some people indeed do read it my tired, burnt out, disillousined friend. call me. lets chat.

blackbeard said...

Will do...thanks for the positive words.

Matty B. said...

I read yo shit, it's less damaging to my liver than physically hanging out with you. Speaking of liver damage, let's get some booze in us and hang out before the holiday.

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