"wok together...rock together..."

Starting fresh is often intimidating and scary...this for me is no exception. I assumed when I made the big move over to Soba that I would start on the bottom wrung, making makis and work my way down the line...I was thrown to the wolves...tossed on wok station, the most beastly and daunting of all stations. I hoped to work my way up to wok soon, but didn't expect to start there. Props to Brandy for believing in me, & the rest of the kitchen folks for humoring me...I'm digging it after one solid shift on line. I know I'll pick it up quick...I've got a good coach. Lia is the baddest of bad wok cooks...I think I found my new drive. I'm ready to be a bad mofo. Life is o.k. sometimes.

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Matt B. said...

Rock the wok, fool. You'll know gots it down when you flip them shits on with your knees with out thinking 'bout it!

Best of luck to you, give my best to anyone who might give a shit.

Oh, and make sure you tap Jesse Wilson in the nuts at least once. No career at Soba is complete with out it, in my opinion.

Call me, we'll get a beer.

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