"Nostalgic for nothing..."

Call it the pre-winter blahs or maybe it's just that I'm not getting any younger, but I've been downright nostalgic about dumb shit lately...digging out old records (alright cds...I broke my turntable last time I moved)...looking at, but being to nervous to listen to, old mixtapes & Getting waaaay too excited about how much fun big wheels were. I ran across some old crap I had from my days as a bike messenger, and that got me extra nostalgic. It's made me want to be more serious about commuting this winter. It's too easy at this point to take the bus, or just walk. I'm hoping everytime I consider those options my bike will give me a sign that I don't want to be a lazy piece of shit this winter. Some things recently that invigorated me and put a smile on my face...Bombing down some twisty roads in schenley with a kid in the trailer...taking late night spins through the quiet city after work while the air has that early fall crispness...and the even later rides home while the air is just downright cold after having some beers with old friends. Thats some silly sappy shit, but It's good to stop and smell the roses once in a while (even if they are all dead and whatnot).

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