"Where'd that kid come from?!"

Attention uptight whiteys & the elderly:
You can save yer gawking, looks of terror, shock, concern...no need to honk and point. You see, I'm well aware that there is in fact a small child in a trailer attached to the back of my bike. I, in fact, put her there. I ride assertively...well aware of my surroundings and just how much space I need. I've been on a bike navigating the streets of this fair city for many years...I know whats up. A couple of years ago my good friend Glenn was kind enough to pass on the bike trailer that his son had outgrown. It'
s proven to be more useful than I ever could have imagined. Hazel and I take rides every weekend, if only to the park to chill in the grass and chase pigeons. I take her to school in it. She has fun going for rides, and I get to sneak a little more time on the bike...we both win. Lately though, I've noticed that more and more folks feel the need to get involved and let me know that "theres a child in there", I need to "take care of my daughter"...sound advice. Guess what...I FUCKING KNOW!!!! Her safety is the paramount thought on my mind the entire time. I would throw myself in front of a train if it meant keeping her safe. So the next time you see me, or someone else out on the road with a trailer or tag-a-long...Do us all a favor, just watch the damn road! 

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