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Read a good quote on Ruhlman's blog..
"if for nothing else every cook in his kitchen respected the chef because they knew that that chef at any moment could walk onto their station and cook better and faster than they could"...That's definitly something that I think rings true with most every cook I know. It drives you to want to get better and be able to rock every station, because not only do you not want someone to have to jump on yer station and bail you out...you also want to be the guy (or gal) who can put out fires when some else is in the shits.That led me to this post. These are the things I read because just when I think maybe I've made a terrible decision...maybe I should have just enjoyed cooking at home and found another line of work, I remember what drew me to this industry. It wasn't tv, or magazines. There was no glitz and glamour...only grease and sweat. I knew I wanted to do this the first time...the very first kitchen where I made it through a rush. I was dehydrated, disoriented, and disheveled, but I had done it...and I wanted to do it again! I like all the hard work of cooking. I like to learn and to teach. So if yer seeking fame and fortune, yer in it for the wrong reasons. I'm not saying I don't want some cash in my pocket...but you can't lose sight of what matters most. Satisfying yer soul...just cook good food, and cook it well.

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