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I guess its safe to say that the internet is a pretty magical place. It's as fantastic as it is fucked up. I can remember a time as a youth when in need of information I actually had to (gulp) crack a book. We had this dusty collection of books called "encyclopedias". They were like a really big heavy internet. I laugh thinking about how I can get an idea, type it into a little box, and am showered with all the information available on said subject. Its pretty freakin' sweet, but as with anything you're bound to explore a little. You discover what else is on the internet. The perverse side...no not the porn. Blogs...millions of 'em. Some of them are good. There are a ton out there though that seem to be posted for no reason but the authors sick narcissistic public masturbation. Thats where I come in. I started a blog out of total boredom. I know no one is reading it, but theres a chance that someone might stumble on it and get a chuckle. It's really just a reason to look at goofy videos of people I know dancing like morons...so enjoy. Oh, and if you have a lame blog please feel free to link this page to it so one of your lame friends might see it!

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