Razor blades and cornbread...

Well...I'm back into the swing of things with this kitchen class. A little salty that i had to shave my beard (it was just gettin' nice!). I'm once again dealing with chefs who are more concerned with weather or not you shaved than if these fucking kids learned anything about cooking in six cycles! I'm feeling ok about the chef I got this go around. I kept hearing about how burned out and cranky he was, but he doesn't seem so bad to me. Of course theres always that one pontcy fucking cuntbag kid who thinks hes the next fucking celebrity chef who is above "working". I don't even know that little 12 yr old-looking pussbags name (and with any luck I'll keep it that way!). He seems to be keeping a distance for now. I can only be so lucky though, eh?! On the bright side...11 days and counting!! Oh yeah, and some girl told me I made the best cornbread she's ever tasted...bonus.

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