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If your checking out this blog, you must be bored. Thank you for taking an interest in my mundane life though! I guess I should begin with a short history of how I became the most powerful and respected cook in Pittsburgh...or whatever. I spent about 8 years riding bikes for various messenger services in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA. It was a fun job, but not much future in it. I finally got sick of it and stumbled into the exciting world of cooking. I started as a lowly sandwich slinger @ Peppi's. I got my chops down working busy lunches. I moved around a bit...doing a brief stint running the kitchen @ the Harris Grill. I then decided to step up my game by going to culinary school. I started working @ the Bigelow Grille a little less than a year ago, and its been pretty great. I work for Kevin Souza who is an amazing chef and a hell of a guy. I've learned more there than I did in school. Kevin laughed at me when I told him I had a blog...then of course he went and did me one better. I guess I accidentally figured out I'm not a bad cook. Thats my story so far...

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