days off (both real and imaginary)...

I'll be the last person to complain...I've been afforded a pretty sweet schedule for a cook. Kevins been real cool about trying to work with me so that I can have time to see my daughter...It's nice to have Sundays off with Hazel. When it comes to holidays you start to think about beer and cookouts. So far the two great summer holidays have been strange to say the least. Memorial day is a classic beer and bbq fest. This year was pretty low key...front porch, $10 grill, 6 pack, good food, Hazel. I busted out the camping chair, and the "sound system" (an i-pod and computer speakers in the window). Kick back open a beer get out the huge bottle of bubbles light the grill and enjoy...Hazel & I blew bubbles, looked for rolly-pollies and just enjoyed a day with no worries. I was kinda salty at first about not having plans, but that quickly faded as I just enjoyed life at its simplest. So next year grab your ghettoblaster, dust off an old mixtape and set up camp on your porch (or stoop)!

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