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I don't take any pleasure in the realm of reality tv...I don't give a fuck about these stupid millionaire, truth or dare, suck my balls game shows...I just don't give a shit. People are obsessed with watching other people live useless mundane existence's (as long as its happening on tv)...They want to watch Brett Michaels cry to some slut about his diabetes, or see rednecks get married, or simply watch a terribly old and fucked up Flavor Flav say a bunch of dumb shit...its kinda sick, and I really thought I'd never get sucked into that world (my only weakness to that point was The Soup), but when the reality craze hit the kitchen there was a bit of curiosity. I tried to watch Hell's Kitchen, but I got enough of Ramsey yelling on the old BBC Kitchen Nightmare series. I had given up when I found myself in front of a tv that was playing a marathon of Top Chef. It was actually interesting, and I found myself pulling for certain cooks and really interested by the challenges. It's a pretty freakin, good show. I don't have cable, but I do have a computer complete with free internet (thanks random neighbor!)...I-Tunes had the first season, and was right in the middle of the second. I bought both and couldn't wait for three...I waited every week for them to post the newest epesode...avoided any contact with geek websites so as to not spoil it...I was indeed a total fucking geek. For some reason I-Tunes stopped carrying Bravo, so I only got to watch a few random episodes of season four. Much like everything else of that genre they seem to lose the reality and it becomes more tv. The characters seem like they are cast specifically to add a douche element to the show...I'm pretty sure It's gonna lose me somewhere. I found out that Top Chef the Tour was just in town, and when I went to the site to find out just how you create a tour out of a show It seems as if it's just an excuse to see the losers of the show who couldn't seem to parlay mediocre celebrity status into a good cooking gig and also a place to sell crap like knives and t-shirts and whatnot...All in all I think they did it right. The list of chef judges is pretty impressive...Dufresne, Ripert, Portale,Boulud, Van Aken, to name a few...nothin' to sneeze at! I guess when they do Top Chef On Ice I'll be there...

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