Speakin' of rides...

Finally put the pix on my computer from the tour of pennsylvania. I met my buddy Glenn downtown on Sunday for the last leg of the race. We were both fairly excited. It brought back memories of the old thrift drug classic race from years ago. We both looked forward to that race every year. Being bike messengers at the time, it was always cool to ride though town and pass support vehicles & teams all decked out training for the race. I really miss that race and hope that Pittsburgh gets behind this and maybe it'll open the door for more cycling action in the 'Burgh. 


Urban Jeff said...

Shit, I didn't know you were there, too. It was cool.

blackbeard said...

yeah...I should have called you. I assumed the urban velo would've been a presence. Saw some people I haven't seen in years...definitely cool.

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