They hate our freedom! (or "days off" part 2)...

Ahhh the 4th of July! One of the best holidays for people who like drinking and eating...Usually you do that outside with friends, but this year there seemed to be an inordinate amount of people who wanted to sit inside and eat with us. Thats a nice feeling, but its hard not to be a bit salty about being at work not getting drunk, and not watching things blow up! Also, Why are all the chinese restaurants in town closed on the 4th?!?!? All I wanted was LuLu's!!! I did get to eat a couple of dawgs and we managed to make the most of it with our own fireworks "show". I also crammed in a whole days worth of drinking into a few hours after work...Please to enjoy the video that I believe sums it all up quite nicely...

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