Been having alot of weird dreams lately...all of which seem to include many of the people I work with and at some point involve being at work (in one incarnation or another), or cooking somewhere. Last nights dream was no exception...I'll try to recount what I remember...I was riding through the Southside when I ran into Kevin and Jonah...for some reason it started pouring down rain...we found cover under the roof of some old strip mall in front of a thrift store. Long story short Kevin found a raincoat in the donation bin and started laughing at us...dick. Then I was carrying the leftovers of a pizza when I decided to stop for a candybar. I remember I walked into an old school K Mart (before they became "super")grabbed p-nut butter cups and went to the checkout. noone was there...some dude came up and said he needed to wait for a manager...so he just stood there looking at me. It felt like an eternity...so I walked away and bitched to the first person I saw in a uniform. They gave me two candybars for free...sweet. When I walked back out the streets were overrun with weird clawless lobsters with huge triangle shaped heads. They had no means to attack, but were still a bit frightning and huge. Just then I remembered that I left my pizza, so I went back to get it. I ran into Tim and he said he was going back to his old culinary school, and that I should go along and sit in on some classes. When we got there I was the only one in uniform and everyone else looked like a complete scumbag...thats the only part that made any sense...with dreams like this who needs drugs. 
bust out yer dream books (I know you have 'em, dorks), and analize that one!! 

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